Welcome to the “Dummy” Hoy Homeplate
This Website serves three basic purposes:
  1. to promote awareness of the career and achievements of William Ellsworth “Dummy” Hoy (1862-1961), the great deaf Major League baseball player;

  2. to keep the community informed on the progress of the “Dummy” Hoy Committee's campaign to get Hoy inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

  3. to promote Deaf Life Press’s upcoming biography of Hoy.

Hoy’s remarkable career was the subject of a 2-part cover story in DEAF LIFE (November and December 1992). This article got an enthusiastic response from readers, and inspired us to develop a full-length biography. Likewise, readers enjoyed our September 1997 cover story on the Induction Day rally for Hoy at Cooperstown. We at DEAF LIFE are doing our part to push for Hoy’s induction into the Hall of Fame. We believe that his achievements deserve no less than full official recognition. We intend to keep campaigning until Hoy is enshrined in Cooperstown, with his name and likeness inscribed on a bronze plaque, taking his rightful place among the other greats in baseball history.

As President of the Committee, I wish to express my thanks to those who have generously shared their priceless collections of Hoy photographs with us, and provided us with valuable documentation—copies of 19th-century newspaper clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, pictures of memorabilia, and other unique items—criticisms, and suggestions. We also thank Randy Fisher, Vice President of the Hoy Committee, for his assistance with documentation, photos of memorabilia, leads, and suggestions. He also deserves credit for his efforts in getting Hoy inducted into the Ohio Baseball Hall of Fame. Also, we wish to thank other Hoy Committee members, especially Bob Panara, other SABR members, and members of the Hoy family, for their assistance.

Matthew S. Moore

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